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THE COLUMBIA PAPER - What Hate-Watch Report says it needs now is for us to bear witness. The group asks that we not avert our eyes when the threat of hate is embraced as the route to power and fear is used as the tool to maintain it.  Become vigilant.  Remain involved.  -  Parry Teasdale, Editor


White Supremacist Recruiting Stickers - December 19-21, 2021

Two of four stickers found in Hudson, Valatie and Stockport December 19 and 21

White supremacists on Telegram have been organizing a series of simultaneous rallies under the banner of “White Lives Matter” in major American cities for December 18, 2021.


The specific rallies are organized by locals creating new Telegram channels using the initials of states or cities… such as this sticker with “New York”.  In some cases, the channels for local rallies appear to be little more than trial balloons to gauge local interest.

The internet Telegram addresses on the sticker found in Hudson connect to this posting: “Tomorrow, 18th of December we must again go out and spread the message that we ARE fighting for White Children’s future and that we welcome all good-willing people to join us. Time is running out, and we are aware of it. For our children! WLM NY is prepping for today’s event with eagerness and vigor. We are looking forward to garnering the attention of and raising awareness for Our brothers and sisters within The Empire State!”

Defacement of  BLM Sign - Copake/Ancram - June 2, 2021

Report from local resident: "Someone put up this altered BLM poster on Route 7A on the road between Copake and Ancram.  It is not just defaced.  It was taken, then altered by painting over the "black", letting it dry, and then painting "white" over it, then taken and nailed up by the side of the road."

“White Lives Matter” is a white supremacist phrase that originated in early 2015 as a racist response to the Black Lives Matter movement, which arose to protest against police brutality against African-Americans.

Since 2015, white supremacists in several states, especially members of the Texas-based white supremacist group Aryan Renaissance Society, have promoted the slogan “White Lives Matter” with flyers and protests, forming a loose campaign to popularize the phrase. - Anti-Defamation League

Q-anon (?) sign along Niverville Road - March 6, 2021

Is it Q-anon?  

"donate-your-organs-in-Wuhan" or

Is it anti-immigration?  


Or, is it just to be obnoxious and hateful?


In the past year, this and similar signs have been nailed to trees around Chatham Center, Malden Bridge and Old Chatham. 

And, along CR 21 going west from Valatie - April 4, 2021





City of Hudson

August 23, 2021

401 State Street

photo - left

City of Hudson

August 10, 2021

Dog Park

photo - right

Germantown Aug 6_edited.jpg

Hamlet of Germantown - August 6, 2021

Church & Main

photo - left


Hamlet of Germantown - August 9, 2021

Maple & Main

photo - right

Village of Chatham

May 5, 2021

Park Row & Kinderhook

photo - left

Town of Germantown

May 11, 2021

Palatine Park

photo - right

Town of Germantown - July 3, 2021

Palatine Park

Village of Chatham - February 17, 2021

Park Row in front of the old Masonic Lodge

scan of sticker - left

Village of Philmont - February  2021

Two stickers along Main Street

Read LOCAL NEWS about PATRIOT FRONT recruitment efforts - including placing stickers and posters throughout the Hudson Valley.


Statewide Leadership & Local Membership  (2009-2021)

Just four years ago - in 2017 - Columbia County was home to the leadership of the New York Oath Keepers.


At that time, the leader of the New York Oath Keepers was Town of Chatham resident, the late John Wallace, who was also the Chair of the Town of Chatham Republican Committee.

Oath Keepers Rally for Hudson City Police -  August 2016

"Chief, even though you participated and are thanking the attendees, I'm glad to hear you are not endorsing the Oathkeeper rally and the political rhetoric behind it."

"It would have been easy to mistake your behavior as supporting the organization and the text that the event organizers publicly posted." - Michael Chameides, Supervisor 3rd Ward 


Far-Right Militancy in County Sheriff Departments

The movement formed around an organization called the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is a phenomenon rarely, if ever, seen in the United States - a concerted, long-term effort to recruit law enforcement officers into the broader anti-government Patriot movement.

 - Southern Poverty Law Center -